“Do you actually do any work? All I seem to see is you having fun!”

I have lost count of how times I have heard this in my time at The Print Box, but for me, work is fun.

Three years ago, I had just moved back to Glasgow after working on Mull for a very extended summer job. Having graduated that spring, there was no University to rush back for and I was in no hurry to get back to the ‘real world’.  Once landed, I began the horrific, nearly soul destroying task of finding a job. 

All I was looking for was a small, preferably local, business that would hire me as a Graphic Designer where I would be able to have a say in where, and how my designs would be used. To be able to pick the paper (I love paper). To choose the finish and perfect the presentation (I like wrapping stuff). Oh, and I wanted a direct line to my client. (I like talking).

No joke. That was it. I knew the chances of finding it were slim to none, but that was the dream job that I told myself I needed. With no word of a lie, The Print Box has ticked every single one of the boxes, and so much more. 

Working on the front desk of a rather social Finnieston Print Shop certainly isn’t the most serene place to design. There are no Pinterest worthy organised desks, we’re still working on Bryan to get us an office dog and there can be an office dance off at the drop of a hat - like, not even time to stretch, it’s chaos. 

But in all seriousness, it’s a different way of working. Often, we manage projects for clients from brief, to design, to print and delivery, we have a hand in our own projects every step of the way, ensuring the finished product is what we set out to achieve, and more importantly, exactly what the client needs. We’ve had long term relationships with many of our clients (we’re not scared of commitment), which means we know them and we know their brand…so I guess it’s like we become a super reliable, extended part of their team. The Print Box has such an incredibly vast array of clients and I’m proud to say that we give an extraordinary personal service to each one of them. 

Working this way is not without its own issues. With getting to know our clients, our clients get to know us. They quickly learn that we will do just about anything for food, especially cake. We just can’t say no. But when clients are bribing you with delicious, fresh cakes from Cottonrake Bakery, just so they can collect their business cards before our opening hours the next day, what are you going to say? I’m telling you, it’s bad. We need an intervention. We need to make a stand. To be honest, we probably just need coffee…

Poda out.

Rhoda Preston