Good things come in small packages


We’re a small team here at The Print Box, just the five of us. Well, six if you count Snoop, our puppy pal who comes to visit every so often…but he has a negative effect on productivity (he’s so cute, we just want to pat him) so visits are limited.

For us, working in a small team is the best, we really wouldn’t have it any other way, even when we are super slammed with work. Here’s our top five reasons why working in a small team ROCK!


  1. We work like a well-oiled machine. Seriously, we could probably run this place blindfolded and in silence. Well, health and safety might have something to say about the blind folds (watch your fingers on that guillotine!) and, as you may already know, we love to talk, so chances of us shutting up are slim. But you catch our drift. 
  2. You get to know everyone in a different way than in a big company. We’re around each other so much that it’s almost like a little family. We can tell when someone’s having an off day, or when they need an extra hand. We’re also lucky in here that we all have a really similar sense of humour, so we have such a laugh (and no-one is too sensitive to a bit (OK a LOT) of swearing!) We’re also good at listening to each other’s rants and giving advice. 
  3. We collaborate. And pitch in. To work here, you often turn your hand to new things, which might not strictly speaking be in your job spec, but we view that as upskilling. While we all have our special powers, we can all do just about everything that it takes to make this place run. #SKILLZ
  4. Cakes tend to come in packs of four. Now you might see this as a negative, but not us. It means we need to buy two packs, which means there are always extras!
  5. We make The Print Box. It’s true. Each one of us has a massive impact on the business and the way it runs, and we love it.

So, our words of wisdom to anyone out there looking for their first job in design or print, or looking to make a career move… bigger isn’t always better!