Carbon Capture at The Print Box


The Print Box is offering customers and their clients the opportunity to capture the CO2 emissions from their paper purchases by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme.

How It Works

When you place your print order you may elect to capture the carbon from the manufacture and distribution of  the paper. The amount of CO2 generated in the production and delivery of your paper is calculated. The Woodland Carbon logo may be used in conjunction with the print job to demonstrate your commitment to using reduced CO2 paper. All Carbon Capture charges will be paid to the Woodland Trust who will plant woodland at one of their accredited woodland creation sites in the UK.

What is  Woodland Carbon?

Woodland Carbon is an accredited, award-winning carbon removal scheme that is operated under the Government’s 2011 Woodland Carbon Code. Organisations looking to reduce their environmental impact and mitigate their carbon emissions can fund tree planting with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. It is estimated that 25m2 of native British woodland captures and stores at least 1 tonne of CO2.

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Use the Woodland Carbon logo

When you choose to Carbon Capture your print jobs from The Print Box, you may use a specially developed logo on all print jobs where the CO2 has been captured from the paper purchases. The logo will contain a reference number providing confirmation and traceability. Using the Woodland Carbon logo enhances your brand and reinforces your environmental message.


About the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust aims to improve the landscape of Britain by planting more trees and protecting our national heritage of precious ancient woodland. Its vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees enjoyed and valued by everyone and they work to deliver three guiding principles:

  • To enable the creation of more native woods and places rich in trees.
  • To protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future.
  • To inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees.

The Trust looks after over 1,200 woodlands which have free and easy access for everyone to enjoy. With a member and supporter base of over 400,000 people its work and influence is growing year on year. Premier recognises the vital role that the charity plays in securing a sustainable future through trees, improving biodiversity and protecting the habitat of native wildlife.

The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe,  with just 13 per cent tree cover compared to the European average of 44 per cent.

The Woodland Trust has established home-grown woodland creation projects that offer companies the chance to mitigate their CO2 emissions. At the same time, organisations will also be supporting projects that improve biodiversity, enhance social well-being, help the landscape adapt to climate change and ensure the UK is no longer one of the least wooded nations in Europe. Woodland Carbon provides a strong external message but also has tangible outcomes – trees that can be seen and visited throughout the UK.
The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales
(No 294344) and in Scotland (No SC038885)